Sanctuary Elder Michael Cowley released a love-filled word on becoming a 'dawntreader'. This recording is an incredible time of kingdom teaching and spiritual nourishment. Enjoy and repeat!

Teleios - Until Maturity

Kingdom life: The gateway is the infilling of the Holy Spirit. That is not the summit. Maturity in the Spirit is the climb. More of Jesus is always the summit. Join Adam Osborne and the Sanctuary family for a time of encouragement.

Heaven - The Complete Fullness of Love

Have you ever wondered what heaven means? and what it is all about? We have been experiencing an unfolding understanding of what it means to live with heaven all around us and we want to explore this further together. Come along for the adventure!


We all have brokenness that we carry through life from events that have shaped us. David Shooter is one of Sanctuary's many gifted communicators and spiritual translators. In this episode he guides us through different facets of brokenness and the freedom found in Jesus Christ.

Fully Furnished Sanctuary Blue Mountains

Fully Furnished

As the unfolding revelation of the five fold ministry continues, Sanctuary’s Apostolic leader Adam Osborne looks deeply at what believers can walk in through becoming mature in Christ Jesus.

Kingdom Family

What happens when people who follow Jesus are joined in unity and oneness with Jesus and each other? A Kingdom Family is born! Join Sanctuary Co-Founder Adam Osborne as he unpacks some of the revelation of growing from a 'church' to a 'family'.

The Spirit in us

Sanctuary Elder Michael Cowley guides us through a 'revolution of the heart' time, encouraging us to believe for far beyond what we have before and then teaches us to enter into ALL the promises Yahweh has for us.

Sanctuary Expression Circle

Unlocking Doors

Sanctuary is led into a time of spontaneous worship followed by Pastor Barry Gaulke from Signs, Wonders and Miracles Church who brings an unfolding revelation about Jesus.


Celebrating Spiritual Formation. Take a guided spiritual walk with Sanctuary Co-Founder Adam Osborne as he unpacks a pathway into becoming mature in Christ Jesus.

Knowing Jesus, Knowing You

Apostolic leader James Kenny delivers an unfolding teaching on the depths of identity that are only truly found in Jesus Christ.