Sanctuary Blue Mountains - Wonder

The Wonder

Luke 10 (18). Acts 3 (1 - 10). Jesus died and was resurrected for so much more than just a place in heaven for every human being. He was literally…

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What is Kingdom Family

We love the new language the Lord Jesus is releasing and re-establishing in our midst. Have you ever driven past a plot of land or a house and thought "wow I…

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Sanctuary Blue Mountains - Prophetic

The Prophetic

To be enriched and encouraged is transformational to the human heart. Prophecy when it is spoken, written and actioned creates renewal for life. The prophetic…

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Sanctuary Blue Mountains Apostolic

The Apostolic

The Kingdom of God creates a safety and prosperity that enables ALL followers of Jesus to live a presence filled life of pursuit.

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July Update from the Mountains

How do you picture heaven? How do you see heaven and the realities of that place? We have been experiencing an unfolding communal revelation that the best…

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