Sanctuary Expressions


There is no stock standard way in which ministry should happen. At Sanctuary each believer is enabled by Jesus to be a minister of the gospel of the kingdom. We seek His plans for transformation, not using persuasive methods, but relying on demonstrating the power of the Holy Spirit.

Our expressions are the way we love humanity, strengthen the body of Christ and give Jesus all the praise and worship that is due to His name alone. These expressions are places where people can grow, where spiritual fruit can be produced and places that help people come alive to their best life.

“… and thus I make it my ambition to preach the gospel, not where Christ has already been named, lest I build on someone else’s foundation, but as it is written, “Those who have never been told of him will see, and those who have never heard will understand.”

Romans 15:20

Sanctuary Expressions

Spiritlands Mens Group
Brave Hearts Women



The tangible love of God and His presence is what people say they experience at a Sanctuary Sunday. Our intention is that we meet for Jesus. We have time of extravagant and spontaneous worship and singing, where we posture our hearts to truly worship Him, in spirit and in truth. A time to not experience just a physical church, but to be immersed in a kingdom family!

Together we delve deep into times of teaching on the kingdom of Yahweh and how we as a kingdom family live this out daily. We believe that both men and women can empower the body of Christ through singing, teaching, prayer and ministry gifts. We have the sacrament of communion, enjoy fellowship and food and develop kingdom relationships that enrich and empower each person.

Children are nurtured in a safe and secure environment where they sing, learn, play and experience Yahweh and are encouraged by trained kids ministry leaders, who have decades of biblical training and spirit led experience in christian ministry.

We have been experiencing a biblical renewal and genuine move of the Holy Spirit for a few years now, steeped in deepening devotion to Jesus. We believe that the mighty wind of God can change any circumstance and one encounter with Jesus can and will transform any life.

We simply love Jesus and look only to seek His face in all areas of ministry. We are so blessed by the diverse group of men and women who fellowship here, they are true lovers of God and genuinely incredible people with passion, integrity and Joy. Brothers and sisters coming together loving God.

Friday Praise: Fire in the Night

Fortnightly on Fridays

On the 14th of February 2020 we launched a new expression: Friday Praise – Fire in the Night. This service is about ministering to Jesus, our first love and first commandant. This is about a new sound resounding in the Blue Mountains. This is a time to join believers and for new people to experience the presence of Yahweh through spontaneous worship, writing, dance and movement, drawing, art and prayer. This now moves us into a weekly service for Sanctuary.

From 7:00pm – 9:00pm we will spend time worshipping Jesus through different expressions of prayer and praise. Our intention is to give glory, honour and praise to Jesus, through the Holy Spirit, and to worship Yahweh as the supreme One over the Blue Mountains and the Plains. Prayer ministry will be available during these times. There is a three fold focus for prayer: The Prophetic, Renewal and Wonder.

This will be open to all believers and seekers in the Blue Mountains and people who want to join us from other regions.

Sanctuary Youth - From Seed time to Harvest

Fortnightly on Fridays from 7pm - 9pm

We are called to raise up a generation of young people who are equipped in the power of the Holy Spirit. Sanctuary Youth provides a safe and secure place for young people to be discipled and empowered. The Youth are equipped through our partnership with resources developed through the ‘GROW’ curriculum. All our Sanctuary Youth leaders and volunteers have a current working with children check and have completed the training in ‘Creating Safe Spaces’.

Our Youth ministry involves young people being immersed in a culture of renewal and the kingdom of God. They are free to worship, learn and play in a safe and secure environment. We have secure practices for signing in and signing out, ensuring all the youth are under quality supervision. Through the ‘GROW’ curriculum the youth are discipled in a nurturing environment and can participate in ministry, prayer and have the opportunity to experience the extravagant love and power of Jesus Christ, to be equipped for a life worthy to fulfil His plan and divine purpose. From the planting of the seed into the maturity of harvest.

Sanctuary Youth is for young people from Years 5 and 6, Years 7 to 12. We have dedicated leaders for our young men and our young women.

Sanctuary Spiritlands



Spiritlands is for every type of man. We value the uniqueness in which the Lord created us. We meet together every second Wednesday evening to build each other up and become more like Jesus. He is the centre of our meeting at the table. We sit, we stand, we walk, we sing, we share, we pray, but most of all we link arms as brothers in Christ. We are multi-generational and multi-cultural, coming from all walks of life and different expressions of christian faith.

Our depth in our faith walks may be different, but our pursuit of the one thing;  (Psalm 27:4) is the same.

Spiritlands is edgy fellowship time. A time where it is okay to laugh and cry. A time put aside for sharing what and who we know so as to do life in Christ better. It is a time of retreat in the midst of life. Spiritlands is a place that you feel safe to be yourself so the Holy Spirit, Jesus and our Father can have their way in our lives.

Where men are transformed into sons of God in a kingdom family.

Sanctuary Bravehearts



Gods is teaching His daughters to be Brave!

We believe it is the Fathers heart to encourage women to embrace opportunities in their lives and step forward into them. These are steps of bravery and courage and require a push from within! Bravery looks different to each of us, as we are all unique in the way we think, we process, we have been raised and how we each feel about ourselves.

God is raising up His daughters to LOVE who they are because they will actually understand WHOM they belong to…. and when we as children of God know WHO we are, nothing before us is impossible because we understand the Fathers Heart for us is beating with a fiery passion of purpose and promise and love! ‘Brave Hearts, Break Through… it’s in you…’

So as a group of women we gather together every fortnight to encourage, empower, equip, contend and love each other in the word, in worship and through prayer. Our lives become richer by growing together in Him.

Sanctuary Kids


Our children are so precious. We believe in the absolute truth of who these little people are now and who they will be in the future. We aim to release the opportunity to be raised in a kingdom family, that is biblical, Holy Spirit led and Jesus centred. Our children are equipped through our partnership with resources developed through the ‘GROW’ curriculum. All our Sanctuary kids leaders and volunteers have a current working with children check and have completed the training in ‘Creating Safe Spaces’.

Our kids ministry involves young people being immersed in a culture of renewal and the kingdom of God. They are free to worship, learn and play in a safe and secure environment. We have secure practices for signing in and signing out, ensuring all the children are under quality supervision.

Through the ‘GROW’ curriculum children and young people are discipled in a nurturing environment, can participate in ministry and prayer and have the opportunity to immersed in Sanctuary’s unique culture of renewal.

Sanctuary Kids is for young people from ages 2-13 years old…. They are taught as one big group and then they break off into 3 groups…. (2 – 7yrs) (Boys 7+) and (Girls 7+). They are given morning tea and a fenced play ground to play in.



Before Jesus ascended to the right hand of the Father, He was with His disciples for a period of forty days teaching them about the kingdom of God. Our school of ministry comes from a place of deeply grounded theology and experience in christian ministry. This school functions as a place where people can be equipped up into maturity as Paul proclaims in Ephesians 4.

It is not a place of conflicting ideas or a certain message, but rather a place where no matter how long you have been walking with Jesus, you can be encouraged and positioned for transformation in Jesus Christ. We are taught by men and women who has vast experience in the kingdom of God.

Our ministry school has two main expressions: Foundations of the kingdom which is a monthly gathering for men and women of all ages and backgrounds to learn the principles of Yahweh’s kingdom and how to apply them into life. The second expression is our Sanctuary bible college in partnership with Alpha-Crucis College. This gives everyone in our kingdom family the opportunity to grow in Christ through registered and accredited courses from Cert IV through to masters programs in the fields of: ministry, leadership, theology and more.



From before the foundation of this world, worship has erupted in song, music, dance and lifestyle. This has always been centred around Yahweh, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. One of the foundations of our movement is restoring these expression back into there rightful place. Spontaneous and prophetic worship marks us, ushering us not only into a feeling of His goodness and presence but into deeper devotion and intimacy with the trinity.

We sing and play music not as a required part of a service or a meeting, but rather as a response to His goodness, His glory and His grace. We sing to Him, we play to Him. We often find the ebbs and flows of blessings in this time. We can have this anytime of the day or night, not just in a service.

Movement is enriching and empowering, seeing the young and the old finding their feet again renews strength and joy, giving people a safe place to express there worship. In the psalms the seven words used for praise all involve bodily movement, like King David we want to be a people after the heart of God.



MakeMassive is positive, accessible, space orbiting and unlocking creativity. Come to explore, engage, equip, support and inspire others –  inward, outward and forward – with whatever projects, media, movements or endeavours enter the realm of your attention. There are so many aspects to creativity (that’s the massive) – it helps us to connect, both with ourselves and others; it can be therapeutic – allow us to ground ourselves, relieve stress, and help us to expand our thinking and feeling, or move with them more freely. Creative play is a fun and a essential human activity, that engages the spirit, and many adults have long forgotten they joy of it. MakeMassive meets every first Tuesday of the month – and you are very welcome – whether you’re a seasoned creative professional or a complete beginner.