The Kingdom Realm of Yahweh's Land

Sanctuary Blue Mountains. Sunday April 12th 2020.

Kingdom People.

As people of the kingdom you will walk this time and be like guides and living maps, teaching people from all walks of life and denominations about where Yahweh has always wanted them to be.

You will expose the man built deficits that have disabled the body of a Christ Jesus from walking in the fullness of what Yeshua the Christ fully purchased for them. You will be like true brokers and ambassadors of revelation and insight into Jesus the Christ, the Holy Spirit, real ministry and what the body of Christ is supposed to look like, move like, and be like.

The kingdom man and kingdom daughter will lead people deep into the unfolding and ever expanding territory of Yahweh’s land.

As an ambassador of the Kings intentions for hearts, homes, cities and regions, the kingdom son and the kingdom daughter will enact the divine blue print of heaven, reaching forward prophetically into what eyes has not seen, what ear has not yet heard and that which has not yet been experienced in the Lord and will bring those realities into the earth, helping people grasp how wide, how high, how deep and how expansive is the the kingdom realm of Yahweh.

The kingdom son and the kingdom daughter will enable the body of Christ to be rid of its disfunction and ineffectiveness by ushering in a divine flow of intimacy with Jesus, a divine slowing down that will not quicken up again once the earthly restrictions are lifted, but will establish a new pattern, a new age and a new rhythm so that on the other side of this, what the church looks like is a burning and shining body of diverse and dynamic people, groups, clans and communities scattered here and there across the earth, but now living in a perpetual state of renewal, never needing to return to the powerless state of the before places, but having inherited true faith to fully embrace the unknown, the unfamiliar and the uncharted that Yahweh has ready for a people who dare to believe His intentions and His heart is for His people.

His kingdom sons and kingdom daughters will govern the earth from true humility, true authority and true divine power.

The kingdom son and kingdom daughter will lead people to become marked by being hidden in a Christ alone, marked by the intentional removal of all plastic, mimicking and copy- cat mentalities and will be leading leaders and institutions to overthrow the things that worked before with minimal effect and will lead people to begin to embrace the new realities that have always been available in Christ Jesus but not entered into.

This has not been because self pride or arrogance but because there has not been anyone willing or bold enough to fully embrace the kingdom realm of Yahweh.

But these shallow seas that cause division, discord and dissension, have now been given up for the adventure of being called by Yahweh into the depths of His true Father embrace, a place of unknown pleasures and uninhabited treasures. By all means stay in the shallows and remain the same, but the earth and its people will be unaffected and unfulfilled by that form of dried up wineskin.

Embrace His feet, embrace His position as head, throw off everything that has led to ineffectiveness and pursue he kingdom, in an authentic, Christ spit blood drenched way.

Christ Jesus Himself is worthy more than ever for your to put down, throw down your weapons of powerless talking and debating, that tries to convince the world of its wrong. It’s time to take the hand of Yahweh, take hold of a kingdom son or a kingdom daughter and be led deep into Yahweh’s land, where mysteries abide and true nation changing, region changing, home changing and heart changing realities are not hoped for but are inherited in Christ Jesus and are released by kingdom sons and kingdom daughters.

This time, although not caused by Yahweh is being allowed by Yahweh so that His perfect plan and His perfect intentions can be established on the earth.

The call for people who are walking in the kingdom is keep going further, higher, wider, and deeper into the heart of God, living to move Him in all we do.

For the non kingdom person, people and places, the Lord pleads with you, don’t go back o business as usual, to how it was before, embrace the invitation for divine rest, recalibration and ultimately reorientation, embracing truly and authentically the kingdom of Almighty Yahweh, expecting the unusual, the unfamiliar and the uncharted and being led into these places by kingdom sons me kingdom daughters.

A revolution of mercy, a revolution of kindness, a reestablishment or wonder, awe and ultimately His life changing presence.

It’s time to look, see and embrace the realities that were purchased by Jesus, that are not found at the cross, but are found through the cross, the place of perpetual renewal.

Salvation are the shoes you put on
that enable you to walk to
the gate of revival that leads
you to the land of renewal
which enables you to release
the kingdom throughout
the cosmos

We are not trying to convert people, WE are discipling nations.

Continuing in Christ Jesus with you,
Adam Osborne - Co-Founder
Sanctuary Australia

A reminder of conversations with our Father

‘What agreement is there between the temple of God and idols?
For we are the temple of the living God. As God has said;

“ I will live with them and walk among them, and I will be their God, and they will be my people.”

“Come out from them and be separate, says the Lord.
Touch no unclean thing, and I will receive you.”

“I will be a Father to you, and you will be my sons and daughters, says the Lord Almighty.”

Therefore, since we have these promises, dear friends, let us purify ourselves from everything that contaminates body and spirit, perfecting holiness out of reverence for God.’ 2 Cor 6:16-7:1

At a time of such concern about contamination of body, what is our Father instructing us in? Both body and ‘spirit’ must be purified.

Joshua told the people, “Consecrate yourselves, for tomorrow the Lord will do amazing things among you.” Josh 3:5

Despite everything of natural circumstances Sarah looking away, drew strength from the one source who holds all authority in heaven and on earth, and by faith intentional fixed her eyes on her God.

“Through faith Sarah herself received strength to conceive seed, and was delivered of a child, because she considered Him faithful who had made the promise.” Heb 11:11

“Now to Him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to His power that is at work within us, to Him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen.” Eph 3:20-21.

Let this be our conversations; You Father are our dwelling place, You Jesus Christ are the centre of our world, You Holy Spirit are our strength, We believe you are able to do what you have said.

Blessings, Esther Cowley.

Prayer Release - March 22nd to April 4th 2020

Sanctuary Prayer Release

March 22nd - April 4th 2020

Please see latest prayer release below or download the PDF.

“Pray at all times in the Spirit and with every prayer and request, and stay alert in this with all perseverance and intercession for all the saints” - Ephesians 6 v 18.

We sense a deepening call to united prayer. Join us and the whole Sanctuary kingdom family, kids included to see heaven invade, lives, situations and places with Jesus’ kingdom. Use this guide as a launching pad into prayer.


March 22nd - March 24th - JOY EVERYWHERE

Prayer Verse: “You make known to me the path of life; in your presence there is fullness of joy; at your right hand are pleasures forevermore.” Psalms 16:11 ESV

Celebration: Our BIRTHDAY! We turn 6 years old as a church family on March 30th! We are grateful and thankful first and foremost to Yahweh for His kindness and mercy towards us! We are thankful for every person who has sowed so much time, energy and resources into this kingdom family! What a tremendous move of God we are in! So much gratitude to Jesus and the Holy Spirit!

Prayer Release: King Jesus we lay our lives down afresh today, tonight and tomorrow! Your kingdom is advancing and we are thrilled beyond any and every measure! Move our hearts towards unrivalled oneness with you! We absolutely love you! Thank you Holy Spirit for birthing all things!

Blessing: We bless people with ongoing and unending encounters with you Jesus! We bless people with overcoming and advancing in their personal lives, seeing You moving in all ways and with all intentions of care for their hearts! We bless the land to be a place of divine encounters with you Jesus!

Mountains and Plains: In You Yahweh we have all we need! The Blue Mountains has all it needs in You alone! We know the plains have all they need in You! We love the way You are building Your kingdom, we just sit in rest, peace and joy knowing how much You absolutely love us and delight in us! Delight in these regions we pray!


March 25th - March 27th - MORE JOY

Prayer Verse: “And they offered great sacrifices that day and rejoiced, for God had made them rejoice with great joy; the women and children also rejoiced. And the joy of Jerusalem was heard far away.” Nehemiah 12:43

Celebration: We are so grateful and thankful for the unique kingdom ways You are building Sanctuary to be a burning and shining lamp for You! Your ways are so much higher and we are just in awe of all You are accomplishing through us all; Your laid down lovers! We love the pastures that are green, green, green!

Prayer Release: Holy Spirit saturate us with joy, that we become like joy satellites, going here and there releasing Your joy that comes from the ever increasing glory that we are being transformed in! We climb higher with open hands because of You alone! Your leadership is perfect Holy Spirit! We submit afresh today, tonight and tomorrow.

Blessing: We bless people with the smile and radiance of Your joy Jesus! We bless the stressing, we bless the turmoil, we bless the chaos with Your pure joy! It’s tangible, unspeakable at times and is overthrowing every stronghold! We bless people with loads and loads of JOY!

Mountains and Plains: Gracious, wonderful, incredible, leader of all leaders, none like You except Your kids! Make these regions safe havens and places of pure presence and peace! Make these lands we live in radiant with joy and peace and wonder!


March 28th - March 30th - HEAPS MORE JOY

Prayer Verse: “And the ransomed of the Lord shall return and come to Zion with singing; everlasting joy shall be upon their heads; they shall obtain gladness and joy, and sorrow and sighing shall flee away.” Isaiah 35:10 ESV

Celebration: We celebrate how much You have done for us! We ask You to show us so we can comprehend even a little of the majestic nature of everything You have accomplished for us! We celebrate today because You are good and Your loving kindness endures for ever!

Prayer Release: In the midst of our current trials we sing with outstanding joy! With every tremor of fear and terror, we sing for the joy of the Lord is strengthening us! We sing for joy because of the love You have shared, showered and shown us! Wowsers!

Blessing: We bless people with an assurance today, tonight and tomorrow of the awesomeness of Yahweh, that things might change here on earth, but Yahweh is constant, His love unending and unchanging and His hope more secure than the greatest anchor! We bless people with hearts full of promises in uncertain times and minds full of faith!

Mountains and Plains: Look and see! The glory of the Lord is covering the earth like the waters cover the sea! There is so much glory in these hills and plains! So much joy breaking out! So much power being released.


March 31st - April 2nd - JOY UNSPEAKABLE
Prayer Verse: “These things I have spoken to you, that my joy may be in you, and that

your joy may be full.” John 15:11 ESV

Celebration: We celebrate every word that Jesus has spoken to us! Individually and as a family! We are so grateful for the clear, consistent and courage filled words that Jesus has given us! We stand in awe and adoration over every word He has released and asked us to steward for His kingdoms purposes.

Prayer Release: You desired full joy to fill us constantly as we lived with You Jesus! We take hold afresh this day and night and tomorrow of all the fruit of the joy of the Lord! We are refreshed and always renewed by Your presence! We are people with merry merry merry hearts! So glad are the ones who have found Your kindness and mercy!

Blessing: We bless people with jaw dropping encounters with You. We bless these lands with unusual outbreaks of peace and joy and healing! We bless people indoors and out with a deepening sense of Jesus’ love for them! May they walk and talk and shout for joy, because of Your name!

Mountains and Plains: Your words Jesus! Over these hills! Over these plains! Your words! Your insight over these hills Jesus! Your insights over these plains! Your love, transforming each heart, each mind, each square millimetre of these lands!


April 3rd - April 4th - FULLNESS OF JOY

Prayer Verse: “David also commanded the chiefs of the Levites to appoint their brothers as the singers who should play loudly on musical instruments, on harps and lyres and cymbals, to raise sounds of joy.” 1 Chronicles 15:16 ESV

Celebration: Let our heartfelt response to Your love be poured out for you to be heard everywhere we go! We are Your shining and burning lamps! We are so excited to share Your songs with others! Songs of deliverance, songs of healing, songs of restoration, songs of miracles, songs of joy, songs of breakthrough!

Prayer Release: Jesus! Jesus! Jesus! Oh how our hearts are so in love with You! The radiant One, the One who was, is and is to come! We are thankful for Australia today and tonight! We are thankful for Your presence breaking every stronghold! empowering each place and each person!

Blessing: We bless people with new songs, new movements, new poems, new artworks, new ideas, new solutions, new life! We bless people and places with the power of the manifest sons and daughters of God! Men and women, boys and girls who bring heaven to earth and see transformation and transfiguration!

Mountains and Plains: We see you Jesus, walking in these mountains, calling Your bride to Yourself! We see You singing in these mountains, calling Your bride to Yourself! We see you Jesus full of JOY in these mountains and plains! Confident You are, so confident we are in You and all You have positioned us perfectly for! We yield afresh! Reform, reshape and renew these regions day by day so we can be more like You!

Send all your current prayer requests to: [email protected]

Special Announcement

Good evening Sanctuary Family and Friends! What a wonderful opportunity for the kingdom of God to represent and stand in truth in the days we live in. May joy, peace and love continually fill you and flow from you all as you go about your daily routines amongst these challenges that are surrounding us.

This Sunday we have made some changes to accommodate the requests from our national leaders! We are blessed by a man of faith leading this nation. Worship will be inside the main hall with a big open space free for movement with all doors, windows open and limited chairs for elderly. We will be opening up side room also so we can all spread out. The verandahs will also be utilised during this time if you want to be outside! After worship we will take the teaching and ministry into the fresh air outside, we will have seating under the shade cloths so maybe bring a hat if you like- it’s going to be beautiful weather!
The kids will then have the whole space inside and on the basketball courts.

We will be asking all people, big and small, young and old to wash their hands as they arrive and before they eat. Food will be served after the service on individual plates.
We ask that if you are unwell or presenting any ‘unsure’ symptoms that you please stay home- your health and other people’s health is important to us.

We have much faith in this hour of history. We believe in the unity of prayer, praise and worship by His word that we shall see this season through as our God is MIGHTY and from this a fresh harvest will burst forth in the land!!! We as a church encourage you to pray in this time for the spirit of fear to be brought down——

In prep for Sunday we encourage you to spend some time completing the following spiritual equipping survey: (should take 10mins)

-Click on ‘gifted to serve’
-click half way down page ‘begin the Gifted2Serve inventory’
-There are 125 questions in this spiritual gifts survey- answer truthfully about who you are not what you desire to be gifted in— we know you will beloved!

As Adam prepares to equip the body on Sunday we encourage you to also take a look at Isaiah 18 and 2 Corinthians 5. Bring your hopes and dreams and ways you can serve the body as we move forward together!

Love and peace be yours always,
Sanctuary Leadership Blessings,

Prayer Release - 23/2/2020 to 7/3/2020

Sanctuary Prayer Release

February 23rd to March 7th, 2020.

Please see latest prayer release below or download the PDF.

When daylight came, they did not recognise the land but sighted a bay with a beach. They planned to run the ship ashore if they could. After casting off the anchors, they left them in the sea, at the same time loosening the ropes that held the rudders. Then they hoisted the foresail to the wind and headed for the beach. But they struck a sandbar and ran the ship aground. The bow jammed fast and remained immovable, while the stern began to break up by the pounding of the waves. - Acts 27 v 39 - 41

We sense a deepening call to united prayer. Join us and the whole Sanctuary kingdom family, kids included to see heaven invade, lives, situations and places with Jesus’ kingdom. Use this guide as a launching pad into prayer.

February 23rd - 25th - 2020 - UNUSUAL MIRACLES

Prayer Verse: God worked unusual miracles through Paul. People would take handkerchiefs and aprons that had touched Paul’s skin to those who were sick. Their sicknesses would be cured, and evil spirits would leave them. Acts 19 v 11 - 12

Kingdom word: Tikto; Tugchano - Unusual/Extraordinary referring to the miracles through Paul. The word means to hit the mark as with a javelin or an arrow. It comes from the root word meaning: to bring forth, bear, produce (fruit from the seed of a woman giving birth of the earth bringing forth its fruits.

Prayer Release: Jesus we need extraordinary miracles, like archers and javelin throwers, sharpen and hone our skills in the working of miracles, may we enter in to more of beloved identity in You to see this take place. We desire Your goodness to flown from within us to all those who You draw us to and those who we are drawn to.

Blessing: We bless your people with unrivalled faith for miracles, signs and wonders. Not for exploitation, but for the power of the gospel of the kingdom to spread and permeate further, deeper, wider and higher. We bless the earth around us to produce its greatest ‘faith’ fruit that it ever has.
Mountains and Plains: We thank you Yahweh for the unusual miracles that have taken place in these hills and the plains! We are so grateful for the full witness of the gospel, raise up sons and daughters and this region to be a place of extraordinary breakthroughs and healing miracles!

February 26th - 28th - 2020 - GAINING STRENGTH

Prayer Verse: All the Jews and Greeks living in the city of Ephesus heard about this. All of them were filled with awe for the name of the Lord Jesus and began to speak very highly about it. Many believers openly admitted their involvement with magical spells and told all the details. Many of those who were involved in the occult gathered their books and burned them in front of everyone. They added up the cost of these books and found that they were worth 50,000 silver coins. In this powerful way the word of the Lord was spreading and gaining strength. Acts 19 v 17 - 20

Kingdom word: Kratos - Gaining strength force, strength, power, might: mighty with great power a mighty deed, a work of power dominion.

Prayer Release: Jesus Your power and might can completely restore all witches and warlocks, people who practice dark arts and magic and all types of evil, Your power alone! We say Lord Jesus break forth with Your splendour and majesty and release these people from the prisons and citadels of destruction they live in! May then not only turn to You but be transformed in their minds and hearts.

Blessing: We bless Your people with growing in the strength of the Holy Spirit! The strength of Your glorious right hand! We bless people with power so devastating that it creates uproars just like in Acts, mighty outpourings of the fear of the Lord. We bless Your church with boldness and courage to go and in to the wonders and signs of Yahweh!

Mountains and Plains: We thank you Yahweh for Your divine care and consideration for each of in these regions, we say no matter how far they are against You or scamming and scheming against Your people that like Hosea, You call them back time and time again, back to the start, back to the beginning, back to the garden like state they were created for!

February 29th - March 2nd - 2020 - FOLLOWERS

Prayer Verse: The Lord’s power was with his followers, and a large number of people believed and turned to the Lord. - Acts 11 v 21

Kingdom word: Cheir - Hand (Mighty) by the help or agency of any one, by means of any one applied to God symbolising his might, activity, power in creating the universe, in upholding and preserving (God is present protecting and aiding one) in punishing, in determining and controlling the destinies of men.

Prayer Release: Lord Jesus we seek and believe Your desires for followers, disciples and true ambassadors of Your way to be launched into Your kingdom. We are seeking You to save sons and daughters who flow in the freedom and liberty of the Holy Spirit and position themselves in the beloved identity of knowing Your heart.

Blessing: We bless people with salvations power and might, real, authentic life changing encounters with You. Dreams that changes lives, words that change lives, regions that change lives. We say “Yes Yes Yes” to all Your hearts desires for all the people around us that we know.

Mountains and Plains: The Blue Mountains completely saved, the plains completely saved, the sons and daughters running home to Yahweh’s house, to Yahweh’s home! We believe this is Your intention and Your heart for this region. Thank you Yeshua the Christ for Your beautiful inheritance.

March 3rd - 5th - 2020 - ENCOURAGEMENT

Prayer Verse: When he arrived there, he was pleased to see what God had done for them out of kindness. So he encouraged all the people to remain solidly committed to the Lord. Barnabas was a dependable man, and he was full of the Holy Spirit and faith. A large crowd believed in the Lord. Acts 11 v 23 - 24

Kingdom word: Parakaleo - Encourage; to call to one's side, call for, summon to address, speak to, (call to, call upon), which may be done in the way of exhortation, entreaty, comfort, instruction, etc. to admonish, exhort. to beg, entreat, beseech. to strive to appease by entreaty.

Prayer Release: Great encouragement Lord Jesus, that is our desire over these days, may we grant people the wonder of being encouraged through You, not flattered and falsely built up like the world does, itching ears and pleasing man, but let us move in Your encouragement, that opens up life and fullness and hope and truth in the hears of Your words through us.

Blessing: We bless people with hearts softened and open to hear the hope You have for them, the power You want to bestow upon them and the love You want them to experience and live from. We bless people who are living in hopeless situation with breakthrough and transformation in and through You Yeshua the Christ.

Mountains and Plains: Make the Blue Mountains a stumbling block to the prideful and those who raise their fist and mouth against Yahweh. Make these regions the most encouraging regions around, that there would be level of optimism and expectation of good that others would come and be set free, healed and delivered just by being here.

March 6th - 7th - 2020 - INDICATION OF WHATS COMING

Prayer Verse: One of them named Agabus stood up and began to indicate by the Spirit that there would certainly be a great famine all over the world. And this took place in the reign of Claudius. Acts 11 v 28

Kingdom word: Semaino - Indicate; to give a sign, to signify, indicate to make known
Prayer Release: Jesus as our magnificent and only true leader, lead us out into the fields of victory through the breakthrough realm. Give us specific and targeted insight, revelation and prophetic encounters so that we can see people embrace true love.

Blessing: We bless believers and non-believers with outrageous encounters with the Holy Spirit, may people be doing ordinary and normal things and be translated to Christ Jesus and have wondrous times with Him. We bless all of those walking into the narrow path. We bless people with ears to hear what the Holy Spirit is saying.

Mountains and Plains: May the regions we are in be known for deep desires and seeking for Jesus. We ask your dominion and rule to transcend any other form or leadership, upending and eternally fixing systems and people to be people who gaze and long for more of Jesus’s wonderful and beautiful face. We bless these hills with wisdom and revelation in knowledge of Jesus Christ.

What is Kingdom Family

We love the new language the Lord Jesus is releasing and
re-establishing in our midst. Have you ever driven past a plot of land
or a house and thought "wow I would love to live there" or been to a
place where you know people are in full agreement? Imagine owning a
house but not being able to furnish it or have anyone to share it with?

These spiritual metaphors are pictures that partly describe the
longings of the human heart. The longing of being fully accepted, fully
alive and fully aware of a life so much deeper than you have experienced before. That life is Christ Jesus.

We believe a better description (without getting into the Greek,
Aramaic and Hebrew that we have studied on this) for a 'church' is a
KINGDOM FAMILY! A place that is not just a house, but that has become a
fully furnished home! Where control and false religion have died and
true friendship has turned into fellowship, that has turned into a
people with 'one heart, one mind and one intention; that are living out a
Psalm 27 v 4 life together, seeing Isaiah 35 on the earth'.

A Kingdom Family builds people up into maturity in Christ, recognising the diverse and unique destinies within people, shrouded in a union of LOVE.

Sanctuary Blue Mountains - Prophetic

The Prophetic

1 Corinthians 14 (1 - 5). Acts 21 (7 - 14).

To be enriched and encouraged is transformational to the human heart. Prophecy when it is spoken, written and actioned creates renewal for life. The prophetic builds, empowers and draws people to Jesus. Sanctuary honours these words which are like a compass that points to Jesus. Everyone has access to receiving, releasing, building upon and running with Gods plans for their lives. It is a joy to see this happening all the time; it has become natural!

Original artwork created by David Shooter, one of our many spiritual translators.

Sanctuary Blue Mountains Apostolic

The Apostolic

Ephesians 4 (1 - 17). Mark 5 (1 - 20)

The Kingdom of God creates a safety and prosperity that enables ALL followers of Jesus to live a presence filled life of pursuit. A Kingdom family in its purest form is like an armada of ships of various sizes and shapes, heading in the same direction to establish what HEAVENS plan is for cities, homes and hearts. Being a wind driven, spirit led people enables different expressions to impact the world with Jesus. True leadership enables people to become fully mature and fully alive. You get to set your sails with others setting their sails!

Original artwork from one of our Spiritual translators and leader of Make Massive, David Shooter.

July Update from the Mountains

Because the Blue Mountains is worth a true expression of Yahweh, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

How do you picture heaven? How do you see heaven and the realities of that place? We have been experiencing an unfolding communal revelation that the best thing that can happen in these mountains and the plains either side, can be for it to look more and more like heaven each day. We believe that. We really do. Not more Christian activity for the sake of it, but people all across these mountains seeing the reality of Isaiah 35 come to pass in their lives and the lives of those around them. The set free and the soon to be set free. The young and the old. The mature and the immature. The ones who believe in other gods and the ones who have already a hope and future.

The heavenised version of the Blue Mountains is our mandate. Authentic, beautiful and sacred expressions of Yahweh’s kingdom in every area of these mountains in dynamic and different ways. That these mountains would be famous for one SON and nothing else. That people would flock here in droves and encounter JESUS and be changed forever more. That there lives would then reflect and release His kingdom in all they do, that every knee would bow and every tongue would confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, Saviour and Kingsman Redeemer.

One of our brothers in our kingdom family recently shared that Yahweh’s economy is not buying and selling but is giving and receiving. Its always been that way and Jesus has been highlighting through our teachers that Jesus is always upending the exchange of unrighteousness things so that His Fathers House is always founded as a House of Prayer. It is okay for Jesus to mess it up and the Holy Spirit to change the script, we love how He has been leading us in profound ways.

Together we continue to see an ever increasing glory in our midst, and we just love spending extended times with Jesus together. We keep hearing and practicing the art of not rushing and slowing down, we know that the quickest way to get somewhere in the kingdom is to stop. This flies in the face of the worlds ways and some of what has crept into the body of Christ in different expressions, fast paced services that get people in and out quickly and methodically. That may work for some, but we see the biblical expression of koinonia as a lingering together, modelled in the book of ACTS and continuing to be worked out all across the world today. That we wouldn’t just be an ekklesia (a group of like minded people) but be transformed into a koinania (a kingdom family).

Much is being and has been said about revival, awakening, presence, glory and power and those all in Christ inside a biblical framework are wonderful, but outside of a kingdom family, they tend to draw people to people and to movements and methods, rather than to Christ as the only Head. We desire to live in and continually see a Revelation 11 v 15 where the kingdom of the world has become the kingdom of Yahweh and of His Christ. That we would see the actual and literal release of Romans 8 v 19-23 in our very midst, not waiting for a day to come but experiencing it now and contending for more and more and more, for people and for places, for hearts and for faces. We are praying for a manifestation of Ephesians 3 v 14-21 to be what we carry and what people experience through our kingdom family.

Generational Legacy

One of the stories being weaved live in our kingdom family has been the story of a pattern and type of family where we don’t simply think of what Yahweh is doing now, but we have a heart and mindset that is forward thinking, moving together towards preparing a place and culture where those who have not yet joined the family, and those who are being built up in the family have a place of maturity to rule and reign with Christ, a movement that is intentional about the generations both in the present and the future. Where people are joined of different ages and cultures, we dare say different christian expressions in one mind, one body and one spirit, yielding and yearning together to see His Kingdom come and come and come and stay and become the only standard we have and need.

Slow Build // Slow Burn

Yahweh’s plans are so different to the way in which the world would do life. They are so magnificent and extraordinary that the body of Christ needs to spend copious amounts of time hearing the Fathers voice and learning the Fathers ways, so that they can reflect and mirror the kingdom of heaven here on earth. Authentic moves of Yahweh, are never quick and flash-in-the-pan moments that pass quickly with no fruit, true moves of Jesus that are sustainable and long-lasting are full of fruit and maturity. Jesus is calling His people to the slow build and the slow burn. Jesus was famous for His ability to use agricultural terms and food terms to explain his kingdom and how it works. He actually spent all His time on earth between the resurrection and the ascension speaking about and training His men and women in the kingdom of God. Its was a time of the slow burn and the slow build. Imagine eating a beef brisket after one hour cooking; it would still be edible but imagine the taste, the saviour, the smell, the aroma after twenty five hours! Oh it is joy to be rid of rushing and intentionally slowing down to build with Christ, not trying to get big in the eyes of worldly success but being obedient to Christ and His plans for us. What if the Lord was redefining big back to its original intention; a people who have become a kingdom family; that are carrying heaven and releasing it; seeing the whole cosmos around them be transformed from the inside out and outside in.

Not the Sanctuary or Sanctuary Church just Sanctuary.

So biblically what is Sanctuary and why did we call this Sanctuary. The bible text if full of encounters with Yahweh God, full of encounters with people of all walks in life. Biblically Sanctuary is the word: Miqdash which means a sacred and holy place. A shelter from the wind of the world. In the middle ages if someone was in trouble and needed refuge they could find a town with a kingdom family and cry out “sanctuary” and they would be rescued. Then a process of redemption, reconciliation and renewal would take place in their lives. Between them and God, them and Jesus and them and the Holy Spirit.

We had several encounters with the Lord Jesus in 2014, dreams and visions, prophetic words and bible encounters where we where led to Sanctuary. It came from a place of obedience and relationship with Jesus. Our hope and prayer is that every person in the this region and beyond encounter sanctuary in God, where they too are shielding in Christ from the wind of the world and renewed so they can carry renewal wherever they are. We are so thankful for each and every person who we are linking arms with each day, who sow time, energy, life, finances and prayer into what we are all doing together. It is so beautiful and we are so grateful.

For those who are reading this who have not experienced who we are and what Jesus is doing, you are so welcome to come and spend time with us and experience this for yourself. You are so loved.

As we continue on in all He has called us to together may be always found doing more and more and more and more of the ONE THING (Psalm 27 v 4).

Love and blessings, Adam and Cath.

Fully Furnished - Exploring Kingdoms and Linking Arms

Your value in the kingdom of God is incredible! The whole of the cosmos is literally groaning with excited anticipation for you as a son or daughter of Yahweh to come into the fullness of the realities of Jesus’s kingdom. Not in a far away distant future time, but NOW, each moment.

Let’s go an adventure together on the 14th of July and explore His kingdom together and deepen our understanding of linking arms in our pursuit. Let’s gather and contend for the kingdom of the world to keep becoming the kingdom of God and of His Christ: our King Jesus!

We will also be releasing some really exciting movements: we will launch our website together on the day, announce and explain our new pastoral initiatives, have special prayer for healing and a focus on ministry for each of you as the BODY of Christ. Bring all those in need of breakthrough and please pray for this time to be another outrageous blessing for all.

You can prepare by reading 1 Corinthians 12, Ephesians 3 & 4, 1 Thessalonians 2, Hebrews 3, 2 Peter 3.

Love, peace and blessings upon you in the power of the Holy Spirit.