What is Kingdom Family

We love the new language the Lord Jesus is releasing and
re-establishing in our midst. Have you ever driven past a plot of land
or a house and thought "wow I would love to live there" or been to a
place where you know people are in full agreement? Imagine owning a
house but not being able to furnish it or have anyone to share it with?

These spiritual metaphors are pictures that partly describe the
longings of the human heart. The longing of being fully accepted, fully
alive and fully aware of a life so much deeper than you have experienced before. That life is Christ Jesus.

We believe a better description (without getting into the Greek,
Aramaic and Hebrew that we have studied on this) for a 'church' is a
KINGDOM FAMILY! A place that is not just a house, but that has become a
fully furnished home! Where control and false religion have died and
true friendship has turned into fellowship, that has turned into a
people with 'one heart, one mind and one intention; that are living out a
Psalm 27 v 4 life together, seeing Isaiah 35 on the earth'.

A Kingdom Family builds people up into maturity in Christ, recognising the diverse and unique destinies within people, shrouded in a union of LOVE.

Sanctuary Blue Mountains - Prophetic

The Prophetic

1 Corinthians 14 (1 - 5). Acts 21 (7 - 14).

To be enriched and encouraged is transformational to the human heart. Prophecy when it is spoken, written and actioned creates renewal for life. The prophetic builds, empowers and draws people to Jesus. Sanctuary honours these words which are like a compass that points to Jesus. Everyone has access to receiving, releasing, building upon and running with Gods plans for their lives. It is a joy to see this happening all the time; it has become natural!

Original artwork created by David Shooter, one of our many spiritual translators.

Sanctuary Blue Mountains Apostolic

The Apostolic

Ephesians 4 (1 - 17). Mark 5 (1 - 20)

The Kingdom of God creates a safety and prosperity that enables ALL followers of Jesus to live a presence filled life of pursuit. A Kingdom family in its purest form is like an armada of ships of various sizes and shapes, heading in the same direction to establish what HEAVENS plan is for cities, homes and hearts. Being a wind driven, spirit led people enables different expressions to impact the world with Jesus. True leadership enables people to become fully mature and fully alive. You get to set your sails with others setting their sails!

Original artwork from one of our Spiritual translators and leader of Make Massive, David Shooter.

July Update from the Mountains

Because the Blue Mountains is worth a true expression of Yahweh, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

How do you picture heaven? How do you see heaven and the realities of that place? We have been experiencing an unfolding communal revelation that the best thing that can happen in these mountains and the plains either side, can be for it to look more and more like heaven each day. We believe that. We really do. Not more Christian activity for the sake of it, but people all across these mountains seeing the reality of Isaiah 35 come to pass in their lives and the lives of those around them. The set free and the soon to be set free. The young and the old. The mature and the immature. The ones who believe in other gods and the ones who have already a hope and future.

The heavenised version of the Blue Mountains is our mandate. Authentic, beautiful and sacred expressions of Yahweh’s kingdom in every area of these mountains in dynamic and different ways. That these mountains would be famous for one SON and nothing else. That people would flock here in droves and encounter JESUS and be changed forever more. That there lives would then reflect and release His kingdom in all they do, that every knee would bow and every tongue would confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, Saviour and Kingsman Redeemer.

One of our brothers in our kingdom family recently shared that Yahweh’s economy is not buying and selling but is giving and receiving. Its always been that way and Jesus has been highlighting through our teachers that Jesus is always upending the exchange of unrighteousness things so that His Fathers House is always founded as a House of Prayer. It is okay for Jesus to mess it up and the Holy Spirit to change the script, we love how He has been leading us in profound ways.

Together we continue to see an ever increasing glory in our midst, and we just love spending extended times with Jesus together. We keep hearing and practicing the art of not rushing and slowing down, we know that the quickest way to get somewhere in the kingdom is to stop. This flies in the face of the worlds ways and some of what has crept into the body of Christ in different expressions, fast paced services that get people in and out quickly and methodically. That may work for some, but we see the biblical expression of koinonia as a lingering together, modelled in the book of ACTS and continuing to be worked out all across the world today. That we wouldn’t just be an ekklesia (a group of like minded people) but be transformed into a koinania (a kingdom family).

Much is being and has been said about revival, awakening, presence, glory and power and those all in Christ inside a biblical framework are wonderful, but outside of a kingdom family, they tend to draw people to people and to movements and methods, rather than to Christ as the only Head. We desire to live in and continually see a Revelation 11 v 15 where the kingdom of the world has become the kingdom of Yahweh and of His Christ. That we would see the actual and literal release of Romans 8 v 19-23 in our very midst, not waiting for a day to come but experiencing it now and contending for more and more and more, for people and for places, for hearts and for faces. We are praying for a manifestation of Ephesians 3 v 14-21 to be what we carry and what people experience through our kingdom family.

Generational Legacy

One of the stories being weaved live in our kingdom family has been the story of a pattern and type of family where we don’t simply think of what Yahweh is doing now, but we have a heart and mindset that is forward thinking, moving together towards preparing a place and culture where those who have not yet joined the family, and those who are being built up in the family have a place of maturity to rule and reign with Christ, a movement that is intentional about the generations both in the present and the future. Where people are joined of different ages and cultures, we dare say different christian expressions in one mind, one body and one spirit, yielding and yearning together to see His Kingdom come and come and come and stay and become the only standard we have and need.

Slow Build // Slow Burn

Yahweh’s plans are so different to the way in which the world would do life. They are so magnificent and extraordinary that the body of Christ needs to spend copious amounts of time hearing the Fathers voice and learning the Fathers ways, so that they can reflect and mirror the kingdom of heaven here on earth. Authentic moves of Yahweh, are never quick and flash-in-the-pan moments that pass quickly with no fruit, true moves of Jesus that are sustainable and long-lasting are full of fruit and maturity. Jesus is calling His people to the slow build and the slow burn. Jesus was famous for His ability to use agricultural terms and food terms to explain his kingdom and how it works. He actually spent all His time on earth between the resurrection and the ascension speaking about and training His men and women in the kingdom of God. Its was a time of the slow burn and the slow build. Imagine eating a beef brisket after one hour cooking; it would still be edible but imagine the taste, the saviour, the smell, the aroma after twenty five hours! Oh it is joy to be rid of rushing and intentionally slowing down to build with Christ, not trying to get big in the eyes of worldly success but being obedient to Christ and His plans for us. What if the Lord was redefining big back to its original intention; a people who have become a kingdom family; that are carrying heaven and releasing it; seeing the whole cosmos around them be transformed from the inside out and outside in.

Not the Sanctuary or Sanctuary Church just Sanctuary.

So biblically what is Sanctuary and why did we call this Sanctuary. The bible text if full of encounters with Yahweh God, full of encounters with people of all walks in life. Biblically Sanctuary is the word: Miqdash which means a sacred and holy place. A shelter from the wind of the world. In the middle ages if someone was in trouble and needed refuge they could find a town with a kingdom family and cry out “sanctuary” and they would be rescued. Then a process of redemption, reconciliation and renewal would take place in their lives. Between them and God, them and Jesus and them and the Holy Spirit.

We had several encounters with the Lord Jesus in 2014, dreams and visions, prophetic words and bible encounters where we where led to Sanctuary. It came from a place of obedience and relationship with Jesus. Our hope and prayer is that every person in the this region and beyond encounter sanctuary in God, where they too are shielding in Christ from the wind of the world and renewed so they can carry renewal wherever they are. We are so thankful for each and every person who we are linking arms with each day, who sow time, energy, life, finances and prayer into what we are all doing together. It is so beautiful and we are so grateful.

For those who are reading this who have not experienced who we are and what Jesus is doing, you are so welcome to come and spend time with us and experience this for yourself. You are so loved.

As we continue on in all He has called us to together may be always found doing more and more and more and more of the ONE THING (Psalm 27 v 4).

Love and blessings, Adam and Cath.

Fully Furnished - Exploring Kingdoms and Linking Arms

Your value in the kingdom of God is incredible! The whole of the cosmos is literally groaning with excited anticipation for you as a son or daughter of Yahweh to come into the fullness of the realities of Jesus’s kingdom. Not in a far away distant future time, but NOW, each moment.

Let’s go an adventure together on the 14th of July and explore His kingdom together and deepen our understanding of linking arms in our pursuit. Let’s gather and contend for the kingdom of the world to keep becoming the kingdom of God and of His Christ: our King Jesus!

We will also be releasing some really exciting movements: we will launch our website together on the day, announce and explain our new pastoral initiatives, have special prayer for healing and a focus on ministry for each of you as the BODY of Christ. Bring all those in need of breakthrough and please pray for this time to be another outrageous blessing for all.

You can prepare by reading 1 Corinthians 12, Ephesians 3 & 4, 1 Thessalonians 2, Hebrews 3, 2 Peter 3.

Love, peace and blessings upon you in the power of the Holy Spirit.

April Update from the Mountains

Before we release the latest update, please find our update from February. As a Kingdom family we love informing people about what Yahweh is doing and all that Jesus continues to bless us with. Be Blessed!

Hey Family! So the adventure continues! Deep into the heart of God. There has been so much great God outbreaks that it felt right to share and encourage our community. In particular I wanted to share and confirm, affirm and encourage us in numerous ways as we seek to see J E S U S magnified in all we do.

Embracing uniqueness

One of the greatest wonders of what the Lord J E S U S is doing among us is joining a peculiar people (1 Peter 2 v 9) together. This comes with a ‘warts and all mentality’ as we all at different and unique stages of our walk with J E S U S embrace the different and unusual, the inward and outward expressions, the way people embrace H O L Y S P I R I T, and the myriad of ways in which people express J E S U S to those around them. Sometimes it can seem uncomfortable or strange, but at the heart of the seeking person is a love for J E S U S, their brothers and sisters in Christ and the world around them. It is so okay to not be in the same place as the person next to you, what makes it exciting is that they like you, are on a pursuit, a ‘cross riddled way’ on a narrowing path.

Lets remember the wise words of H O L Y S P I R I T when he shared with us “The narrow path is not narrow minded”. Different expressions and responses to God that are ‘in Christ’ are like the array of colours that were woven together on Joseph’s dream coat. It made the coat (body of people stand out). We are reminded of this is in 2 Corinthians 3 v 18 where it states ‘And WE ALL, who with unveiled faces contemplate the Lord’s glory, are being transformed into His image with ever-increasing glory, which comes from the Lord, who is the Spirit. Our response to the Spirit moving may be different to one another, but that is completely okay and fine.

Grapes as big as tennis balls

Throughout last year from different sources, voices and places within our family the Lord kept speaking to us all about ‘new wine’. We then encountered this is the wider church body as songs were sung, words were released, confirming the sound of ‘new wine’. The Spirit of God was asking us to embrace deeper. When Jesus turned water into wine in Cana, found in John 2 1 - 11, He didn’t make a little ‘new wine’ he made copious amounts that was an overflow and extravagant gift to the wedding he was at. We are being asked to embrace the extravagance of Jesus and accept that when he comes, he always comes with OVERFLOW. Our thinking is being shifted to embrace an extravagant LOVE towards us from Christ that will literally transform us from glory to glory into the likeness of the brilliant one.

Last week in worship and prayer with the men, the Lord showed me a normal sized grape vine. But on this grapevine were grapes so ready and ripe, but they were as big as tennis balls and were drooping low. In the vision I saw people not going and picking them but going and laying down under them so they could feast on the grapes. J E S U S reminds us in John 15 v 5 onwards that He is the vine and we are the branches. He is calling His sons and daughters to come and ‘remain’ in Him, for outside of Him we can do nothing. This is also an invitation to abundant living, calling to His table, the inner most parts of who He is. Not by works or by delusion, but by the psalm 23 call to ‘lay down’ so to speak! in green pastures with the great Shepherd Jesus.

Our response to J E S U S invitation to His extravagant love on a daily basis, regardless of our circumstance will release tremendous blessings to those around us and to our own hearts. This was also confirmed from the Brave hearts womens prayer and blessing walk through Springwood a few weeks ago where they saw in the spirit a tight cluster of grapes and the new juice coming out of them.

Pick up sticks

The Lord J E S U S is inviting us to give up spiritual barrenness and accept his spiritual fertility that is available for EVERYONE. During the prayer and worship the Lord shared a vision with our Sanctuary family where there was a large field that had been ready for sowing, but the field was full of sticks. I then heard the Lord say “I am destroying barrenness in the heart” I then saw the Lord pick all the sticks up and place them in piles with ropes around them. He then showed a vineyard being sown and grown in ‘fertile ground’. This vision is an invitation into a community of people coming out of ‘lack’ and into ‘abundance’ in the heart. He is performing this mighty work to guide us all deeper into the devotional life.

As I shared this with some brothers, another brother shared that he too had seen a field with a eucalyptus tree that was split and sticks and bark everywhere. Another brother without anyone knowing, had planned a short film to show us where a man walked down through a valley to an open field and in front of him was a incredibly large pile of sticks. God is so good! We love his constant confirmations.

I believe the Lord J E S U S is calling us into deeper holiness and righteousness deliberately for His beautiful plans and purposes to be fulfilled in us.

One Son

The beautiful Blue Mountains is world renown for its exquisite natural wonders and is known as a ‘city inside a world heritage national park’. We believe that a time is coming where the Blue Mountains will not be known for the fame of natural beauty and three sisters, but will be known as a place of ONE SON - J E S U S. During the mens prayer walk that was held a few weeks after the women (we believe the Lord led the women as a ‘Deborah’ company on purpose first, because we believe in empowering women into all they can be) some of the men walked and worshiped and prayed at two specific sites. Rest Park and the monument to the governor who named Springwood.

On the way down the plan was to stop at the monument first and then rest park, problem was in the dark we couldn’t see the monument so we ended up at REST park first. This was meant to be. We prayed there and then headed back along the road to find the spring monument. As we got there and prayed we asked the Lord J E S U S to release His glory over the mountains. As we were praying this a heavy cargo train went past us engines roaring, yet every cart was empty, the Lord spoke to us about the glory of the latter house will be greater than the glory of the former house (Haggai 2 v 9 - The glory of this present house will be greater than the glory of the former house,' says the LORD Almighty. 'And in this place I will grant peace,' declares the LORD Almighty.”) as this happened another heavy cargo train about 4 minutes later came up but this time it was with heavily carted cargo! When this train finished a strange occurrence happened. The light and faster empty train that was first was notably more noisier, and the heavy laden train was so smooth.

The glory of the Lord creates a smooth symphony in the believer. As the trains went past a brother said “ 85 carriages” and two brothers shouted out simultaneously “Psalm 85” so we went there and it says in verses 11 and 12 “Faithfulness springs up from the ground, and righteousness looks down from the sky. Yes, the Lord will give what is good, and our land will yield its increase. Standing at the spring monument we were quite overcome that J E S U S wants to establish a psalm 85 release in these mountains. Praise be the Lord. Be encouraged to read the whole psalm and see it as a promised blessing for you, your family, your friends, your town and city and this amazing place we call home.

Christmas in January and February

There is a famous Christmas song that the Lord has been singing over Sanctuary the past few weeks. It has a few lines that say “Its starting to feel a lot like Christmas, everywhere you go”. When the Lord said it the words were a little different. He said “Its starting to feel a lot like Wales, repentance everywhere” referring to the world renown Welsh revival that touched the nation of Wales in early 1900’s. With another ‘move’ of God’s presence coming from that nation again, through the ‘blessing’s movement’ I sense the Lord is again speaking His dreams of His presence engulfing communities again, but in our own nation also.

We believe the ‘move of Gods spirit’ we have been in consistently over the past few years is creating a ‘culture’ of God’s presence that will transform everything from the inside out and the outside in. The cry of the Welsh revival was “Come Holy Spirit”. We agree and call out with full faith “Come Holy Spirit” for our region, our nation. J E S U S loves when we move everything to be closer and closer to Him. We see a shift happening where distraction, boredom and casualness will be removed and wonder, peace and awe will be given by the Lord J E S U S to His people as they say with the Spirit (Revelation 22) “Come Lord J E S U S Come”

It is a wonderful adventure to be on with each and everyone of you from the oldest to the youngest. We are sure you also have more to add and confirm in what He has been doing and we are excited to hear this at one of our gatherings.

So much more to come, Adam and Cath.