Special Announcement

Good evening Sanctuary Family and Friends! What a wonderful opportunity for the kingdom of God to represent and stand in truth in the days we live in. May joy, peace and love continually fill you and flow from you all as you go about your daily routines amongst these challenges that are surrounding us.

This Sunday we have made some changes to accommodate the requests from our national leaders! We are blessed by a man of faith leading this nation. Worship will be inside the main hall with a big open space free for movement with all doors, windows open and limited chairs for elderly. We will be opening up side room also so we can all spread out. The verandahs will also be utilised during this time if you want to be outside! After worship we will take the teaching and ministry into the fresh air outside, we will have seating under the shade cloths so maybe bring a hat if you like- it’s going to be beautiful weather!
The kids will then have the whole space inside and on the basketball courts.

We will be asking all people, big and small, young and old to wash their hands as they arrive and before they eat. Food will be served after the service on individual plates.
We ask that if you are unwell or presenting any ‘unsure’ symptoms that you please stay home- your health and other people’s health is important to us.

We have much faith in this hour of history. We believe in the unity of prayer, praise and worship by His word that we shall see this season through as our God is MIGHTY and from this a fresh harvest will burst forth in the land!!! We as a church encourage you to pray in this time for the spirit of fear to be brought down——

In prep for Sunday we encourage you to spend some time completing the following spiritual equipping survey: (should take 10mins)


-Click on ‘gifted to serve’
-click half way down page ‘begin the Gifted2Serve inventory’
-There are 125 questions in this spiritual gifts survey- answer truthfully about who you are not what you desire to be gifted in— we know you will beloved!

As Adam prepares to equip the body on Sunday we encourage you to also take a look at Isaiah 18 and 2 Corinthians 5. Bring your hopes and dreams and ways you can serve the body as we move forward together!

Love and peace be yours always,
Sanctuary Leadership Blessings,